Jesse Vincent Powell Entertainment Pinball Background

Current Pinball Game Locations in the UP

Winter league is getting there… We’ve all been working hard. We deserve this. A few more games on the route to place and service and we’ll be at 100% for the Season. So far:

The Halfway Bar & Grill

Sherlock and Key Escape Rooms

Crazy Joe’s

Wally’s Bar

Silver Dollar Bar

R Place

Nutter’s Sports Bar

That’s 7 locations with at least 1 game at each. We can organize any sorta tournament each month, ie: dbl elimination brackets, three strike tourneys, PinGolf, (which I want to try – each game has a score that you gotta count your balls it takes you to hit and that’s your score for the hole!) etc. Etc. We will try to make it affordable so folks can jump in and play at the bar, too… we could do it Poker Run style and make score cards for each place. Thanks for working with me and the Collective… All these places and cool and safe, have been understanding as the Crazy Pinball Guy comes and goes ???

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